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Server Updated | Shop World Is Back Baby!

Hey guys!

The Shop World is back! Starting tomorrow, November 10 2018 at 2:30pm EST, players with rank Templar+ will be able to claim a plot in the world!

The world hasn’t changed aesthetically, just all of the old plots have been cleared. 

The shop sign plugin has also changed so make sure to read the how-to below. You will still need to convert your diamonds to in-game $ to make purchases.

There’s also a special announcement at the end so make sure to make it all the way through :^)

How to Create a Shop

Shop Chest Limit: 16

If you attempt to make a shop outside of the shop world, it will break. However, it will still be deducted from your total shops.

• Place a chest on the ground
• Place a sign 1 block away from the chest (for example, above it)

On the sign, write:

• First line will be automatically filled with your name by the plugin
• Second line is the amount of items to buy or sell
• Third line is a combination of buy and sell prices. You need to have a price indicator (like ‘B’ – price that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS – or ‘S’ – the SELL price) near the price – the prices are separated by a colon (:)
• The fourth line will hold the id/name of the item. Write ? on the sign and the item will be auto-filled with the one from the chest or you can click on the sign with the item afterwards.

Optionally you can put the actual name on it. You can find out the name of the item you’re holding by doing /iteminfo

Example Shop Sign:

Now for the fun part, to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Shop World, we’re having a Shop Build Competition!

Unlike our other build comps, you don’t have to submit an entry to the forums. Just build your shop before day’s end on Saturday November 24th, 2018 (EST) and you’ll be automatically entered to win. The judges will livestream the judging on Sunday November 25th (exact time TBD).

There will be 3 tiers of winners and the rewards are as follows:

1st Place (1 Winner)
• Unbreakable Trident (first ever!)
• 7 Epic Loot Keys
• Expanded 15 x 15 Shop Plot

2nd Place (2 Winners)
• Standard/Max Enchant Riptide 3 Trident
• 5 Epic Loot Keys
• Expanded 15 x 15 Shop Plot

3rd Place (3 Winners)
• Standard/Unenchanted Trident
• 3 Epic Loot Keys

May the odds ever be in your favor,


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