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April is here and it is time for another monthly update.

This months update will be feature an event based on riddles and your typical monthly rewards.


Rank & Key Sale!!

Ranks and Keys are on sale!

They will be 20% off!

Ending April 23rd.


Mysterious Stranger

A Mysterious Stranger calls on you to solve riddles on the board

placed by the wild warp to find treasures held in large ornate eggs.


New Rewards 

Pink Easter Egg Pet (One Month Only)

Green Easter Egg Pet (One Month Only)

Blue Easter Egg Pet (One Month Only)

Easter Basket Pet (One Month Only)


Crystalline Trails

Valuable Blocks Disguise Pack

Stealth Blocks Disguise Pack


New Game Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Horse Egg

Parkour -  Unbreakable Golden Pickaxe


It's been a super busy month for me, I'd like to apologize for the late update this month.

I appreciate everyone understanding and being supportive in my familys time of loss.

I hope you all enjoy the event and the fun to follow!

And a special thanks to Triple7Factor without her help the Mysterious Stranger Event 

wouldn't be possible! Thanks so much to everyone!

<3 Emergenscene

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