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    Just as the fabulous title says I am The Shey or otherwise know as The Cult. I am the resident 158 year old mermaid on this server and spend most of time falling to my death of my builds like a pro. I thought having a base in the ocean would help but no luck. I do amazesauce maparts on the server for a price. Currently I am a wandering hermit jumping between little bases till 1.13. This is my 3rd time moving bases cause i get bored at one place for too long.

    Concerning my alter ego irl, I am a 23 year old gal going by Lily (not my real name) that has an obsession with Marvel comics on an extra extra level. I am a semi published author with a few short stories in magazines and commisions floating about out there. Currently writing my 33 book novel, abandoning all sleep.

    I am always happy to help fab new players so hit me up, be nice and not a douche nugget and I’m sure i can help you out somehow. I do not help ppl clear large areas or with building but If you need some dia im always buying stuff or have jobs to do.


    Welp thats about it, can msg me on Sheyliana or Melibell though on Mel it can be either me or my sis playing.

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