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    We’re happy to announce we will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Competition, We’re hoping to get you all in the spirits and excited to start building what ever amazing things you can think of. We are looking for builds that are Valentine’s/Love themed and make us feel heart warming fluffy goodness. <3

    Rules :
    Competition Ends Saturday, Feb. 9th and will be judged on Sunday, Feb. 10th
    Do not use Schematics of pre-made builds. We want these to be unique to you.
    Build in the Overworld.
    Can be a biome of your choice
    Valentine’s/Love Themes
    You may work in teams, But the prizes will be up to you to decide how to use or split.
    Build must be submitted here on the forums with pictures or cords or the name of your set home.

    First Place will win the Cupid’s Bow & Unlimited Sethomes
    Second & Third Place prize TBA


    Note to Staff: You may enter this build comp, but you will have fly permissions disabled until the competition is over to keep an even playing field for everyone. Contact either myself or Emergenscene if you are entering.

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    Here is my entry for the build competition:

    /home love

    I hope you like it Merge 🙂

    <3 XxMissGueraxX

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    Well hello there,

    ” The lonely cactus”


    y 80

    z -11801

    bombs awaaaay!!!


    PS: WahahahahH!

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    Hello peeps

    My submission for the build competition

    /home submission


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    Here’s my last minute (literally last minute y’all) submission for the build comp

    cords: x -4266 y 71 z -1959


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