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    username zLilPumpz banned for 7 reason of ban wallhacking ……I played not legitly today i wanted to try wallhack texturepack and i didnt know that i can get banned from it coz its a texture pack.i really want to get unbanned because i really like this server and im already playib it 2days i have made so many buildingsand i hope i get unbanned today im reaööy sorry for that im so sad now and please can i get my pickaxe and all that stuff in inventory back i mean no diamonds back i mean like picaxe and sword bow shovel armor please im so sry. jj

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    You still have not formatted your appeal properly. For future reference, this is the proper format:

    In-Game Name:

    Duration of Ban:

    Reason for Ban:

    Reason for Sentence to be Lifted:

    I will save us both time by replying to this, but if you ever find yourself having to appeal again in the future, please use the template I have provided you or your appeal will be ignored.

    The reason for your ban was for using the xray mod/texture pack to mine diamonds. This mod/texture pack is strictly prohibited on our server in order to keep our shop world economy fair and balanced. Using xray of any kind gives players an unfair advantage over others. Please familiarize yourself with our rules again so you don’t end up in this position again. We have rules in place for a reason, and as a player in our community, it is YOUR responsibility to read these rules and follow them. Your 7 day temporary ban will not be lifted, but once your temp ban is up you are allowed to return to our server.

    As for your items, you will not be refunded any items taken from you at the time of conviction. The jail we have set in place for xray automatically clears your inventory, so your items are no longer on the server.

    See you in 7 days,



    Appeal Denied.

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