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    I’m happy to announce this month I will be hosting a Summer Build Competition, I’m hoping to get you all in the spirits and excited to start building what ever amazing things you can think of. We are looking for builds that are summer themed and make us feel as if we have left to a all new paradise.

    Rules :
    Competition Ends Aug 11th
    Do not use Schematics of pre-made builds. I want these to be unique to you.
    Build in the Overworld.
    Must be in a warm/green biome
    Summer Themed
    You may work in teams, But the prizes will be up to you to decide how to use or split.
    Build must be submitted here on the forums with pictures or cords or the name of your set home.

    First Place will win the Legendary Pickaxe & Unlimited Sethomes
    Second & Third Place prize TBA

    Staff may enter this build comp, If a Staff member is to be within top 3 ranking we will have a top 4 ect, So regardless of who the top 3 are this time around if there are staff members within the top 3 there will also be 3 players picked as well.

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    here’s my entry for the build comp:


    coords: X 34575 Y 65 Z -16517

    home name: summerbuild

    build by: flemflem90 and XxMissGueraxX

    (if we do manage to win, the rewards are for flemflem90)

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    Here is my entry for the summer build competition!

    Go to /warp waterpark. Don’t forget your swimwear! And stay out of the deep waters if u don’t know how to swim!

    <3 Amayary

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    My Entry to the build comp:

    Cords: X: -5065 Y: 64 Z: 6307

    Home name: buildcomp


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    I would like to apply for build competition. The location of my build for competition is:

    X: 34314

    Y: 64

    Z: 22314

    The name of my sethome is /home LuxoNNN:summercomp

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    Because I wanted something fun to apply

    x: 14916

    y: 64

    Z: -29376

    The name of my sethome is /home icecream

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