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    In-Game Name: Urunluky

    Duration of Ban: permaban

    Reason for Ban: posted pornhub link

    Reason for Sentence to be Lifted: I’m sorry that I accidentally posted this pron link into the server. Without careful consideration, I was being wild and tweaking out. That copy-paste was for my friend that was annoying in this facebook group chat and the only way to silence him was to send random, dumb stuff and porn just so happened to be the one all my other friends agreed to. HAHA please unban me :(! I have 3 other friends that play and contribute to this server.

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    Hi as i got banned i was typing a message to you mom saying what a great job you have done with the server it was hard to find a server like yours honestly i was typing it when i got banned this is the god honest truth i asked about stopping the rain coz it was causing to much lag for me, an admin suggested to get optifine and i said wasnt that a hack they replied it was a mod and sent a message saying that flting and xray and something els was allowed and to read the rules i asked about useing aristoir they did not know what it was so if i have read it wrong or i have been guided by the wrong type of person and there has been mis communication between us i am trully sorry for that and wish to have another chance, ps i consider myself as a really good builder with good ideas (i have many pics of previous builds on request if needed) and admin background and would like to contribute to your server thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe consider taking me back.

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    @encanis, make your own ban appeal please, do not do that in a reply to someone else his ban appeal. Also use the right format for it. Only then we will react to the ban appeal.


    @Urunluky, as I read your appeal it doesn’t sounds like it was an accident. Although I wasn’t there you will need to wait for a reply from the one who banned you.

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