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    Hey, it’s Jerry again. I keep calling but you ain’t pick up. Is we through? You know me, only hobbies always mining, grinding, baby girl I NEED you. You complete me like the black and white thingies in a yin-yang, like the gills to a fish so they don’t drown, I haven’t ever cheated so why you gotta choose someone else? I’m a nerd in the USA with too much time on my hands, do I really gotta shout?! We got a new world coming up, full of new exploration, vibrant lights shining from the sky, I’m filled with huge aspirations! I can’t do it without you, we can both see it through, I might beat you against some stone baby, brutally smash you against obsidian, but I promise I only do it for you!!I’m still the lovable guy that was around when we was all having fun, I made some questionable art but I promise ALL that is done. I made a farm, I made a shop, I even helped people for fun. You tell me, who really deserves you, if not me, be free, but I’ll never abuse your beauty, cause I know you ain’t dumb<3


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