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    Hello, Nighthawk2053 here. I’m an old Fluxcraft player returning after a lengthy break from Minecraft.

    Upon my return I have discovered Phantoms.  I hate Phantoms. They only exist to annoy. Much like creeper explosions that grief player builds, knocking me off my build while I’m working feels like I am being harrassed. Currently the only way to avoid Phantoms is to live underground or sleep. As we know sleeping on a busy server can be problematic.

    Please could the Fluxcraft team consider implementing a solution to the Phantom problem.

    I am sure I am not the only player who feels this way about our winged friends.

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    Hello~  this might not work for you but I just stop building at night,it takes more time to get things done but there is less of a likely hood to fall off.

    I actually love them, but that’s just me.

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