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    I was banned for my IGN which was “lilpwussyboy” at the time, changed to “gayboicarti”.

    I’m asking to be un-banned because I think my ban was unjust. I was asked to change my ban on the account I was using at the time which I refused too because prior talking to a staff member, my name was changed to “lilbessie” which I felt resolved the current issue. Though after the fact I was mining with my friends and I was notified I will be banned in 5m unless I change my name. I was banned then switch to an alt account named “Iaintbroke” which I felt was a more appropriate name which did not feature any foul language or in-sighting a reaction. Immediately I was banned on this account which I’m not understanding why? I switched accounts because I was told my name was too vulgar. Just wondering if I can be un-banned to continue playing? I was never notified of any rules against vulgar names prior and I was told the issue was resolved prior to my ban.

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    Hey there, I am an admin that ended up overseeing your ban and made some changes to the moderator’s decisions. As of now, I will have to say that your ban appeal is denied. I was informed and have looked into my own logs that you used a racist term, whether you find it racist or not does not matter, as others may find it offensive. I’m also denying your appeal on the fact that you ban evaded, instead of doing as you were told which was to file a ban appeal. Have a nice day/night.

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