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    Yo yo yo it’s yer boi Metalicious coming at y’all with super sonic speed. Better dodge or I will hit you with my super effective move. d-d-d-dab…

    Okay, now time for the real introduction. 😛

    My username is Metalic_Shield but I mainly go by Meta or my nickname  Metalicious. I joined Fluxcraft on April 6th of 2017 and played until late February. During that time I made my way up the ranks to Admin. I then resigned on February 24th due to issues within the staff team. (which have since been resolved) I then took a  break from minecraft in general until I came back on July 22nd (or the 19th, I don’t know) Sorry guys,I plan on staying for the foreseeable future.  So, you guys all gotta deal with me.

    Hmmmm, I am 14 years old (I proudly hold the title of ‘baby admin’)

    Some of my hobbies consist of, video games (obviously), collecting thing, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and a few other things as well.

    The video games I am currently playing are, minecraft, Ghost Recon:Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege (I am taking a break from this game), and Pokemon GO.

    Uhhhh, I think that is it about me… If y’all got any questions about me just post a comment and I’ll respond someday.

    And of course, if anyone needs Admin assistance or any help in general just give me a holler in game and I’ll give you a hand.

    P.S. I’m shit at world edit so don’t ask me to do that. 😛

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