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    My name is Jeroen(11 august 2001), also known as DaimendXd or cactus boy by older friends.


    Well you may think wtf is that name well im dutch try to say my name, bet u can’t whahaah.

    So my hobby is gaming ofcourse. besides Minecraft i also play league of legends (EUW: DaimendXdf), World of tanks (DaimendXdboy) and sometime other games such as: For Honor, ARK: Survival Evolved ( got all dlc), paladins, brawhalla and sometimes fortnite for fun with friends.

    I also watch lots of anime, i like things such as boku no hero, fairy tail, death note, attack on titan but also animes like one punch man, soul eater, daily lives of highschool boys, yamada kun to 7 nin no majo and i just love hunter x hunter and things like kobayashi no dragon maid is for good fun just like some other i said in this big sentence.

    Since this is a minecraft server forum ill tell some stuff about me and minecraft. Ive been playing minecraft since around 1.2, joined the server when the server got launched.

    Redstone: I know quite some stuff about redstone and like to test stuff with it. So if you need some help with redstone ask me ;]

    Overall skills: Im good in parkour and i am making my own parkour map on the server and hope u guys will try it out ;]. I did a lot of pvping so i turned out to be quite good in pvp so watch out staff in anarchy i will hunt you.

    Building: Im ok at building i try some things but i prefer making farms with a sexy nice design. My base is also around 550×550 flat area so yeah. I also like my sorter storage which sorts every item in the game that you can sort. also i have a big iron toilet that can flush! woohooo.

    Mapart: i love making mapart im also the person that build the first mapart on the server: cartmans ass. if you want to see my mapart or buy them its at ./warp DaimendXd. I also made a video on how to make mapart and i can help you if you also want to make mapart and give you some tips YT: DaimendXd. You can also request a mapart if you like and ill make it for you, contact me on discord.

    Since im playing this game for such a long time and after many testing and failure and succes i know a lot about the game so if theres anything related to minecraft feel free to ask me ;]


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    Boi you like to type

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