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    In-Game Name: candyMurderhouse

    Duration of Ban: 6-day ban

    Reason for Ban: Xraying

    Reason for Sentence to be Lifted: block me forever. goodbye.

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    I was the person watching you mine, if you want I can upload the pictures of your mine.

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    goodbye forever

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    Hello Candy, as a long time member of our community I’m sure you know that X-raying is against the rules and that we don’t take it lightly, Even with our server supporters like yourself.

    The issue with this situation is instead of owning up to something you clearly did, You deflected and tried to play innocent when myself and multiple other staff members we’re watching. Being honest about why you decided to try and use this exploit would have done you much better as we appreciate honesty.

    I hope you learn from this situation that trying to bend the rules will not get you anywhere, Due to the fact that you unfortunately were dishonest with us. The temp ban will remain.

    We look forward to seeing you on the server afterwards but please remember we have these rules for a reason! <3

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    When you know that people sae you hack and then say ypu didn’t… after that you get so depresed that you say perm ban me.

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