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    Well this is an introduction right? So how do I say this…hmmm well in the movies they can start off with an inspirational quote so I think that is what I will do.

    “To write a story it must be yours to tell, so you are writing your own story.”

    Just thought of that out of no where.

    You know we are all kinda writing our own stories as we live.

    One day I’d like to sit down and write mine out. Tell others and see what happens.

    There is a special magic to story telling. Sharing knowledge beyond ones’ own life time has a certain spark. And even if its fiction and born from an untamed mind of creativity it gives perspective on life.

    I wonder if anyone else feels this way

    or is it just me

    Well I think you have read enough to know a little bit about me.

    Also i am a 15 year old girl who loves flux.

    Yeah there’s also that

    Ja ne!

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