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    Hello guys,
    My name is FernJayCee but a lot of you lovingly refer to me as Fern. I’m one of the many great staff members on Fluxcraft who dedicate their time to make sure your server experience is amazing! I’m an ex-Factions only player slowly getting back into vanilla Minecraft to build and enjoy the company of others so if I come off as a bit too gruff, don’t worry, it’s just how I am. I can assure you I’m like a frozen M&M, hard exterior but once you punch through, you’ll reach a sweet, soft center. I love anime (my current favorite being Boku No Hero Academia) and I love video games! My girlfriend is our lovely Assistant, AlexaLovely, and I love her to bits and pieces, she’s my other half! Please feel free to message me or any of my other fellow staff members if you ever need anything or if you just want to chitchat! We don’t bite I swear, we’re players just like you and lovers of Fluxcraft.

    Thanks for reading!,
    FernJayCee (Fern)


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    how is Fern tho?

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    Thank you for specifying that this is an introduction, I never would’ve figured that one out. 🙂


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