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    I am Dark44Mod and I run a shop called “Dark44Mod’s Shop of Oddities” at /warp dark4 (/warp dark44mod if you’re a nerd) and I am here to list my current Oddities:

    Cobblestone: $0.25 per shulker full (100 in stock)
    Stone: $1.50 per shulker full (24 in stock)
    Blocks of Coal: $0.25 per stack (29 in stock)
    Carrots: $0.10 per stack (52 in stock)
    Saddle: $0.25 per item (25 in stock)
    Wheat Seeds: FREE per stack (12 in stock)
    Sugar Canes: $0.50 per stack (9 in stock)
    Oak Logs: $0.50 per stack (6 in stock)

    More Oddities to come, so come on down!

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    dark44mod keep those 100 cobble shulkers for me, ill buy them


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