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    Clans would be for groups on the server that control their territories and fight other clans.

    there would be 4 clans:

    1. ORDER




    Order would control a big modern/sci fi city ,rebels have an outpost , merceneries a base , and undead base in the nether.  leaders would have special skins and when a final fight on the city would happen members of each faction whould have special skins for each clan. So undead would have zombies for infantry and archers would be skeletons leader herobrine and right hand man entity 303 (i would like to be entity because i already have its skin) it would be a huge event and i think it would be a lot of fun. (leaders of factions should be you wicked if you are reading this , mom , jiam and then peng or asr.

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    What’s up vinkoB!

    Love the ideas. ANARCHY opens up a world of possibilities for us in terms of events, etc. We’ll keep this in mind as we continue to plan and develop new events. 😀

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