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    For the people who wanna know: “guera” means “war” in papiamento. (I played a lot of COD games and I’m half Dutch, half Aruban)

    Well, it took me a while to play minecraft on PC. After 5 years of xbox minecraft… I’m playing on this server for almost a year now. I’m almost everyday online, because I love Fluxcraft <3

    I like to build many things: from houses to huge cathedrals. And most of the time I got help from flemflem90 with building. Why I love making buildings? Because I’m fascinated by buildings, that’s why I’m studying architecture and construction engineering irl.

    My dream is getting “architect” as a rank in this server 😛


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    Ah, I always wondered what Guera meant. That’s cool.

    Also, don’t take my word for it but you could try contacting ASR or Emerge about your builds. If they are good enough they may be able to fulfill your dream. 😉

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