Server is now on 1.15! Read the patch notes HERE

FluxCraft 1.15 Update

The 1.15 Update has made it’s way to Fluxcraft along with some new features and bug fixes.
Along with our map wipe and removal of OP rewards here are the current changes you can look forward to.
This update is focused on moving back towards a more true to vanilla experience.

Server Changes & Fixes

– New smaller spawn
– Beds have returned
– Bad omen has returned
– Keep inventory toggle (ability to toggle keep inventory on or off on a personal level)
– New pvp arena
– Revamped disguises
– Revamped particle system
– 4 new vote ranks
– Spawner mob merging removed
– Hopper limit set to 50 per chunk
– New Epic Shard rewards

The End

The world will be locked until the first group of players kill the ender dragon,
the player who manages to do so will earn a special “ENDER” prefix.

The Shulker farm and Ender Ender will be closed and will open in the future.

Shop World

Shop world will be closed and opened at a future date with a new barter style shop system,
You will use your own blocks as currency in this new system and should hopefully promote a more true to vanilla
feel with our shops.

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