Server is now on 1.15! Read the patch notes HERE


Where/What are the rules?

  • Our rules are posted here, and we also have a condensed version of these rules at /spawn. Please read them carefully and follow them. Our staff team can also help if you need a clarification on any of these rules.

How do I get started?

  • First and foremost, read our rules. Then do /Vote. Get a few Flux Keys, you can use them or sell them. Then get to exploring and mining! Flux Keys can help you get a quick resource boost as they can be sold for diamonds in the shop world, to players, or back to the server. Explore /shop.

Can I get creative, op, or fly permissions?

  • No. Only staff has permissions to do anything of this nature. This is for the maintenance of the server and the enforcement of server rules which help all players have a pleasant Minecraft experience. Please do NOT ask for staff, OP, or other perms. If you want to be a staff member, please apply under the staff application forum post using posted formatting rules.

Where can I PVP?

  • PVP is allowed outside of claims on our server. We do not allow teleporting and then killing players. This server is mainly a PVE. That said, we have keep inventory on and a good XP farm so have fun but be respectful.

What are all these Ranks? Colors? Nicknames?

  • We have three tiers of ranks. Our staff tier which consists of 8 ranks. You can submit a staff application to become an assistant on our forums (Staff are people too, so please remember that). Our Donor tier is made up of 6 ranks which cost from $12.50 – $140.00 USD and come with a few perks that are listed on our donation site. Our third rank tier is that of voting ranks. We have 8 voting ranks.

What are the server voting ranks? How many votes do you need for each?

  • They are: Journeyman(1 vote), Quartermaster (7 votes), Squire (14 votes), Knight (25 votes), Sentinel (30 votes), Templar (50 votes and you can open a shop), Paladin (100 votes), Titan (200 votes).

Why are all the staff so awesome and helpful?

  • We are a fine tuned MC machine. We have awesome people on our team and enjoy helping others have a good time. Feel free to message us on discord or in-game with questions or just to Chat. Remember we are people and also here to have fun. Please be respectful.

Is there a server discord? How do I join it?

  • Yes we have a fantastic Discord. Click here to join.

What is the server IP?


What size is the world/server map?

  • Our original map is 25,000 blocks X 25,000 Blocks. Meaning you can travel 12,500 blocks in any direction from 0,0

When will the map be reset?

  • The map will only reset when necessary due to game code/world generation changes implemented by Mojang. We don’t like resetting the world but when the game’s developer makes giant leaps that change everything, we have to follow to stay relevant. The current world size supports the current world for at least another 4-5 major updates.

What is the radius /warp wild puts me in?

  • If you do /warp wild you will be dropped anywhere from spawn to 5,000 blocks away by radius.

Can I AFK?

  • You are welcome to AFK farm or AFK stand around. You must be moving to get additional claim blocks from afk.

Who owns Fluxcraft?

  • Emergency (Mom/Senpai) and WickedBlaze (Engineer) own the server

Can I invite players to other servers to play with me?

  • No. This is considered advertising and is a bannable offense. If you want to play somewhere other than FC please communicate directly with those people in a private discord conversation.

Why should I donate? I can play Minecraft for free anywhere…

  • We hope to make an inclusive, fun, and enjoyable community for you to be a part of. Running the website, and keeping the server running costs almost $250 every month. If you enjoy Fluxcraft, and can help, please do. If you can’t help by donating, please help by working with us to maintain a happy and healthy community.


What are the mini game prizes?

  • Some of them are posted, while others like our easter egg hunt are a secret. Prizes for Parkour, and Maze change regularly. Check the signs and notifications for the most current prize.

How do I use my emotes or pets?

  • Use /open fun to access your emotes after you click on the paper. Use /mpet to access your fun little friends.

Is there a comprehensive list of commands all players have access to?

  • Yes there is, we have a list of player commands posted here.


How do I join a town?

  • Go to /warp town and explore our public town. Ask the Mayor of the town to join. You can also ask in the chat if anyone has a town that you can join.

How do I start a town and get a town warp?

  • Go to /warp town and read the rules for starting a town. Once you fulfill the requirements please contact staff to evaluate your town and create the warp

What is considered griefing and can I take items from unclaimed areas?

  • Griefing is the alteration, destruction, or removal of game blocks/items that you did not place without the permission of the original builder/owner. Even if a build is not claimed, or appears to be abandoned, you may not alter it, damage it, take things from it, or build within 200 blocks of it. Explicit permission from the owner of a build is required to do any of these things. If you violate this rule, there will be consequences. Staff monitors chat and player activity. Please report all griefing to staff immediately.

Where can I build?

  • We suggest you do /warp wild. This will teleport you into the wild outside of spawn. You need to be considerate of others and build AT LEAST 200 blocks from other builds. We understand if you build closer by accident. Please talk with staff if this happens and we can facilitate moving you further away. If someone builds close to you without permission please politely ask them to move first, then contact staff to resolve the dispute if they do not comply. We have a big map. Go explore it, no reason to crowd each other. Please DO NOT BUILD on the main Island in the end. This is posted in game as well.

How do I claim my build/land?

  • We suggest you read our fancy book on claims. Type /claimbook in game and you’ll be able to watch a quick video tutorial on claims. The second page of this book has all of the commands you can use and good notes. as well If you have further questions please ask staff.

How do I set a home?

  • To set a home, do /sethome <name> The name can be anything you like. We recommend something short, easy to remember, and easy to type. You can also remove a home with /delhome <home name>. You can set up to 16 homes, or get more at /warp rewards, using Epic Flux Keys.

What farms work? Which ones don’t?

  • For the most part, all farms work great on our server. We have a public ender ender, so don’t bother building one. Aside from that, we recommend that you don’t build redstone intensive iron farms or standard mob farms. They typically wont work on servers and are hard to build.

How do I get claim blocks?

  • You start out with 100 blocks and you get 250 blocks every hour of gameplay, with a cap of 300,000 claim blocks. You can go over this cap by going to /warp afk which adds to your bonus blocks. You can also get more for yourself and everyone buy purchasing the Global Claim Block Boost, available at our donation shop.

How many sethomes do I get?

  • You get 16 sethomes when you join the server. You can buy 10 additional sethomes at /shop, an additional 16 at /warp rewards, and you can pick this up at a drop party or as a prize for a minigame on occasion. They DO NOT stack. Unlimited sethomes is also an occasional prize for minigames.


What mods can I use? Which ones should I avoid?

  • We love creative builders, redstone machine makers, and happy fun explorers. Feel free to use client side mods that help you track your progress on a map (no cave/underground maps please), your stats, and ofcourse building enhancement tools like schematica. We do not allow fly, speed, or x-ray type mods. These give you an unfair advantage in a Vanilla Survival server. We also have a fun shop world which depends on resources being attained fairly. We take “hacking” or exploitations seriously. X-ray Texture packs are also not allowed. We track player behavior and with our 40+ staff team we monitor suspicious activity. If you have a question about a specific mod not mentioned above, please ask an Admin to clarify what is ok.

Can I use Schematica/Schematica Printer?

  • Yes. Our server promotes the use of various tools to enhance and assist in your building experience. Feel free to ask any of the Staff about how to use this great tool.

Can I use texture packs/fun mods?

  • Go ahead, we would love to see screen shots if you have a great texture pack, perhaps it can even be featured on our website. Please keep in mind that texture packs which isolate ore by making other blocks invisible are considered x-ray and we will ban players using them.


How do I get a shop?

  • You need to be at least Templar (50 votes) voting rank, or a donor to get a shop plot in the shop world. If you qualify, you can look around the shop world and find an empty plot then ask staff to assign it to you with you own custom /warp <name> command.

Can I sell things without a shop?

  • You can either sell things to “buy” shops in the shop world, or trade with people. Agreements for trades are binding, and cheating players out of things will result in punitive actions against you.

How do I create Buy and/or Sell signs in my shop?

  • Information will be added upon re-opening the Shop World.

What rank do I need to get a shop?

  • Templar is our minimum Shop rank. This is rank is acquired after voting 50 times. All donator ranks are allowed a shop, so you can skip the voting by donating to support our community.