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ANARCHY Has Come to Fluxcraft!

FC Anarchy

The first entry in the Fluxcraft Multiverse, ANARCHY is a survival world where you can let loose. There are no claims, there is no keep inventory, explosions are turned on everywhere, and fire tick is on.

How does it work? Well after several weeks of concept refinement and development, we’ve come up with a set of parameters that we’re happy with. As with everything, these are subject to change after the world is implemented and we see how it all falls into place.

If there was ever a time to actually build a Mumbo Jumbo bunker, it’s now.


Are the rules different? It’s called “ANARCHY”, so are there no rules?

  • Yes, the rules are different, and no, all rules still apply except for Griefing and PVP. We’ve also made changes to our standard commands that eliminate the ability to violate other rules, which are detailed below. We will still be monitoring for x-ray hackers in this world as well.

What’s the point? Isn’t just the same as the main world?

  • The point is to survive. While we love our set-up on the main world, there’s no risk/reward. If you die, you keep your items, etc. In ANARCHY, if you die, you lose your items. If you kill another player, you get to keep their items (unless someone else gets them first). That leads me into the next question…

Are the inventories different? Or do we just start over in ANARCHY?

  • No, the inventories are the same. You can certainly start fresh, but you can also bring items from the main world to give you that extra edge. However, if you die and lose your items in ANARCHY, you lose them in the main world too.

Can we set a home/build a base?

  • You can do whatever you want, that’s the point (as long as it’s within the rules). However, your sethomes will not transfer to this world. You will be given the option to purchase 1 sethome using /ahome. The sethome is not free either, it’s going to cost you 1 x white bed.

Can we request/accept teleports to players in ANARCHY?

  • Hehe, you almost got us there. After thinking about it quite a bit, there really wasn’t a way we could properly protect people from TP kills in ANARCHY. So, we’ve disabled the teleport command for players in the “scary” world. This should protect players in the main world who do not currently wish to participate.

Can we team up with other players?

  • Duh, it’s ANARCHY. But remember, they can betray you whenever they want. I wouldn’t trust anyone J

Can we grief/raid other player’s builds?

  • Duh, it’s ANARCHY.

Can we fight other players/take their items when they die?

  • Duh, it’s ANARCHY.

What’s the world border?

  • The current world border is: 2.5k x 2.5k

Does the world reset/map change?

  • Yes, this world will actively reset. We haven’t confirmed exactly how often yet, but we’ll let you know before we do. Staff will also be adding custom structures to the map consistently, you can use these to your advantage.

Are there plans to add new features/content to ANARCHY as the world progresses?

  • We’ve currently got a whole list of things we want to add, some of them easier than others (i.e. Leaderboards). But with most of these ideas requiring plugins, and with the arrival of 1.13 to Spigot being very close, we’ve opted to wait until it’s released before we add anything that could potentially slow down our ability to update.

Is ANARCHY temporary, or a permanent world?

  • It’s a permanent world that resets on a set time period.

Can Staff participate in ANARCHY? Will they be able to use /god and /fly?

  • Staff can and will participate in Anarchy. However, they are not permitted to use /god, /fly, or any other game mode than survival. They will be on the same level as you. There are penalties in place for staff who violate this.

If we lose items in ANARCHY that we brought by accident, can you guys replace them?

  • Nope, we’ve given you a fair warning about keep inventory being turned off. So you better watch what you bring to make sure it’s not something you’re going to miss.

Won’t people just wait for me at spawn, and kill me when I first get there?

  • Nope, because there is no spawn. Every player who joins is randomly teleported into the world. Unless they head back to their sethome.

Will there be special events in ANARCHY?

  • Absolutely, stay tuned.

World Stats

Generation Type: Vanilla

World Border: 2.5k x 2.5k blocks

Keep Inventory: Off

Fire Tick: On

Explosions: On

Claims: Off

Command Changes for ANARCHY only

/sethome, /home: disabled

NEW! /ahome: max of 1, separate from main world, costs 1 x white bed

/tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, /tpdeny: disabled

/back: disabled

/ec: disabled

/wb: disabled

Rule Changes for ANARCHY Only

PVP: Allowed everywhere in the world

Griefing/Raiding: Allowed everywhere in the world

In Summary

We’re all super excited to get ANARCHY up and running and can’t wait to see what you do with it! If you have any additional questions, reply here and we’ll respond. Keep in mind, this is an evolving concept. If we see that something’s not working (i.e. world border), we’re going to tweak it until it works.

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