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ANARCHY: Civil War | Diaries of a Rebel Pt. 1

Diareis of a Rebel Pt.1

Story Written & Created by: FernJayCee, FC Moderator

     Boom! Bam! Crash! It all came tumbling down, my vault was no more, crumbling down, crushing everything inside including all the memories I’ve made, all the treasure I’ve collected and me… or at least that’s what the Seanpire thought and that’s all that mattered. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for me), this tale doesn’t begin with our hero dying but instead, our hero survives. Dazed and confused, I found myself on the ground laying flat, knocked down by the wicked blast of several blocks of TNT exploding, surrounded by fallen cobblestone on the bottom level of the vault, and with the sounds of explosions getting closer and closer, I decided it was best for me to finally pick myself up and make my exit. Once the ringing in my ears subsided I equipped myself as fast as possible with only the bare minimum, my pickaxe in hand and my shulker of goodies. I immediately started mining west towards my old mesa biome to meet with an old friend. With a sound of the stone blocks popping out, I put my mind into auto pilot and let my mind go as I mindlessly mine away. Now you might be wondering, how did I get here? Was it because I was a bad person? Was it because I’ve committed some horrible crime? No. You see, I’m what you call an anti-hero. I mean well but my best interest comes first no matter what, I guess that’s what brought me here to Flux after all those years ago of abandoning my men in a far away land. I came to Flux looking for riches and glory but instead I made friends. I talked to the people of Flux and I found that there’s so much more to life than swinging away with my sword in one hand and detonating TNT with the other, in short, with all these friends who needs enemies? With that, I fell in love with life all over again and I found myself building beautiful homes, picking beautiful flowers, and spending time with friends and then it happened.
     My good friend (or so I thought) got his mind into some dark things, thoughts of taking over Flux and making it into his personal playground where he rules and thus the Seanpire was born. Even though Sean was my good friend, I couldn’t bring myself into allowing him to do this to the place I’ve come to know and love and so I decided that I would do something. I wanted to do it namelessly but the more and more people began to find out about my intentions, my cause was given a name, The Fernbellion! The Fernbellion was essentially a one man team composed of me, myself, and I but it was a labor of love. My lovely Alexa was opposed to the fighting and I kept reassuring her that my intentions were good and that I did not wish to harm the Seanpire but to rather have them look to the voice of reason and realize that what they’re doing is wrong but… Sean ended up taking her away from me just like everyone else with the promise of a high rank and power beyond their wildest dreams. It broke me. And so I found myself deep underground in a vault of solitude I made to preserve my fondest memories and treasures of the way things used to be on Flux, if Sean wanted to destroy it and I couldn’t stop it, I would simply just let him go and hope that in the end he ends up destroying himself so that I can come out of my vault and share my wealth of knowledge and my memories to remind everyone that no matter what, love conquerors all. With that I start digging my way up instinctively because I knew I was home, I felt it. I breached the floor boards and entered the shack and there she was, my lovely Alexa, waiting for me by a table with piles of paper and information she obtained while in the Seanpire, anywhere I go is home as long as she’s there. Like I said before, love conquerors all and this fight was far from over.
Story Written & Created by: FernJayCee, FC Moderator

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