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ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 4

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Story Written & Created by: Seanpatine, FC Admin

“C’mon guys!” a young girl shouted to her friends, “Let’s go try out the maze!” The group of friends were brand new to the land of Fluxcraft and were both excited and curious about their new surroundings. “Slow down a bit Oik!” shouted another girl named Arti.“Who gave her sugar again…” asked Mthai, another friend in the group. The group of friends, who referred to themselves as the “Asian Squad” met online and since then have created bonds that will stand the test of time. They were always together, and it was odd to see a single member alone. “Maybe we can lose her in the maze for a bit…” said Pseudo jokingly, “Great idea,” replied Mthai sarcastically, “until we lose her and can’t find her for the next 7 hours…” “Would that really be a bad thing?”Asked Arti, cheekily. Soheen, who up until this point remained quiet, let out a small giggle. The trio turned and smiled, “so she does still know how to make sounds.” chuckled Pseudo. Soheen, while still active within the group and a close friend to all members, was quiet and laid back.

The group followed the hyper Oik all the way to the maze entrance, where they saw an unfamiliar face standing by the entrance. “Hello!” Oik shouted, still running towards the maze. The figureturned with a smile, but quickly stepped to the left to let the charging Oik by without a collision. “Hel-oh!” he shouted as he cleared the way, nearly losing his balance and dropping the sign he was hanging up. As Oik charged by, her foot caught a small rock sticking up from the ground and she quickly tripped and fell to the ground. “AUGH!” she shouted as she face planted the ground. She laid there motionless without a word. “We’re sorry!” shouted Pseudo, running up with the other 3 friends, “Our friend is a little on the hyper side…” he said,picking up the sign the man had dropped. “That’s quite alright,” the man replied laughing, “I’m glad someone is excited for the maze.” He took the sign and laid it up against the post, “My name’s Emergencene,” he said, holding his hand out, “but usually the players call me Merge or Mom.” “I’m Pseudo,” Pseudo replied, shaking Merge’s hand, “and this is Arti, Soheen and Mthai.” he continued, each waving as he named them, “and the one on the ground is Oik.” he said, looking over Merge’s shoulder at the motionless Oik. Oik remained on the ground, still not moving. “Is she dead?” asking Arti, “No she’s just trying to come up with an excuse for falling…” replied Mthai. Merge laughed, “Well hopefully she finds one soon, the maze is waiting!” As if on cue Oik stood up,“You thought you could keep me down?!” she said, screaming at the rock. “Well guess again!” she shouted, charging into the maze. “Oik!” Arti and Pseudo yelled in unison as she disappeared into the dark. “Great…” said Meth as the group began to chase after her…

This was one of Pseudo’s fondest memories of Flux. He didn’t know at the time, but that day would be the start of a long,crazy journey where, alongside his friends, Pseudo would climb the staff ranks,making many new friends along the way. He would become one of Merge’s most trusted aids, and always be there when he was needed. No one questioned his loyalty, it was obvious he loved Flux dearly, and wanted to help it continue to grow. But all of that changed when he overheard Wicked speaking to someone in his office late one night…

Pseudo was walking down the hallway leading to Merge and Wicked’s offices late one night. It was his turn to take the night shift, and he was doing his normal rounds when he overheard voices coming from Wicked’s office.

 “Everything is proceeding as planned,” Wicked said, “It is almost time to put my plan into motion!” “Plan?” asked Pseudo to himself, moving closer to the door to hear better, “what is he talking about?”

 Wicked was not alone. Another familiar voice could be heard talking to him, “Those charges you asked me to place are allset.” said MegaJoy. “Perfect!” replied Wicked, “When the time comes, the spawn shall be destroyed, and from its ashes shall rise a new, glorious capital. One that’s shine at night can be seen from all over the land of Flux.

 Pseudo was in shock, “Wicked is going to destroy Spawn?” he thought to himself, or so he thought… “what was that?”asked Mega, “I heard it too…” replied Wicked. Pseudo was quick to act. Before either had a chance to open the door, he bolted down the hall and around the corner. The door flung open, “who’s there?!” shouted Mega. The dark hall replied in total silence. “… There’s no one.” he said, turning to Wicked. “Noone should be up here at this hour… unless… Who is working the night shift tonight?” Wicked asked. “I’m not sure, the Admins are always switching around,”Mega replied, “hard to keep track of who is where when. Wicked sat at his desk and opened up the Admin Managing Program on his computer. After a few clicks he pulled up the schedule, “… Pseudo…”. he muttered to himself.

 Pseudo didn’t stop when he got to the corner at the end of the hall. Without a second of hesitation, he ran down the stairs,almost tripping twice. What did he just hear? He knew Wicked and Merge weren’t getting along well recently, but would Wicked really go as far as to destroy his own city over it? He ran out of the capital building and did not stop until he reached the staff barracks. As he opened the door, he was confronted by two of Wicked’s guards, wearing their signature red armor with a blaze powder emblem engraved on their right breastplate. “What’s going on?” he asked the two guards. After being given no response, Pseudo tried to pass them, “Well, if you two are gonna be silent, I’m going to head to bed now…” he said, nervously.As he tried to pass through the two guards stepped closer, blocking his path.“Hey!” he shouted at them. “Hey Pseudo…” came a voice from behind. It was Wicked. “W-Wicked!” Pseudo exclaimed, “what are you doing up so late?” he asked. “I should ask the same of you…” Wicked responded. “It’s my turn to work the night shift…” Pseudo began, “I was just finishing up my rounds…”Wicked smiled, “I see,” he waved off the guards who took two steps back, “I’m sorry about them, they thought you were a child or some other delinquent trying to stir trouble.” he walked closer to Pseudo, “With everyone being forced underground, you know there are a lot of unhappy people.” Pseudo nodded, “Yeah,I wish we could do something…” Wicked laid a hand on Pseudo’s shoulder, “Oh,but we can…” he said. Pseudo looked up to meet Wicked’s eyes, “What do you mean?” he asked. “Pseudo,” Wicked began, the kindness in his eyes quickly fading, “I think- no, I know that you know what I mean.” the two guards stepped forward again, grabbing Pseudo. “H-hey!” he shouted. “I am going to give you the choice…” Wicked said, stepping back. Pseudo stopped trying to free himself from the guards’ grip, a concerned look covered his face now. “You have your first option,” Wicked began, “which is to choose to remain loyal to Emergencene and meet the same fate he and all the others will… or, you can join me in therebirth of Flux, and together, we can restore Flux to its full glory…” Pseudo remained motionless, “the choice is yours… but do so quickly,” Wicked continued, “I have a lot of business to attend to.”

 Pseudo sat in silence, unsure what to say ordo next. “Well?” asked Wicked, “what’ll it be?” “… I-If I join you… will you promise to protect my friends in Asian Squad…?” Pseudo asked, looking up at Wicked. Wicked paced the room, deciding whether or not to allow Pseudo to make such a demand. “The members of Pseudo’s little group have proven loyal inthe past…” he thought to himself, “Perhaps they could prove useful…” Wicked turned to Pseudo, “If you join me, I can promise your friends’ safety… As long as they are compliant with my agenda of course.” Pseudo sighed, “… Very well,”he said, looking to the ground, “I will join you.” Wicked smiled, “Excellent!”he exclaimed. The two guards released Pseudo and he fell to the floor. “I will inform you of your first mission in the coming days.” Wicked said, heading for the door, “Until then, continue on with your daily routine as you would any other day.” Pseudo remained in silent as Wicked left the room, still trying to make sense of what just happened…


            Merge stood before his staff team,he was about to give them the run down on how the release of codename: AQUADIC was going to go. “You all are aware that Wicked and ASR have made the final preparations for the portal to the new world,” Merge began, “Before all this Seanpire business, we were scheduled to open the portal tomorrow-“ Merge was cut off by the sound of the door opening, it was Pseudo. “Oh, there you are Pseudo.” Merge said. Pseudo was silent and made his way to a seat between Espa and Amy. “Ok then…” Merge said, refocusing on the topic at hand, “Anyways,” he began again, “We are going to go ahead and give the green light for release tomorrow.” Low mumbles filled the room as the staffo expressed their concern to each other, “With that being said,” Merge said above the mumbling, “We are also going to allow the players to return to their homes to prepare for the release.I need all of you to be at your best during this time, because we are going to have to open the gates to spawn and let down our world guard so that the players can travel in and out.” The low mumbles became louder concerns being shouted all at once, “We can’t do that!” shouted Amy, “This is just what those crooks are waiting for!” she exclaimed. Espa followed, “Merge we can’t let down the World Guard!” She said in agreeance. Merge spoke out above the commotion,“Everybody calm down!” he shouted, but there was no such calmness coming anytime soon. Just then, the door to the room open, “I believe Merge asked you all to shut your faces…” a familiar voice said. In the doorway was Fern and Alexa,up until this point, assumed dead. The room fell dead silent. “F-Fern?!”exclaimed Merge, “Is it really you?” “Yes sir, in the flesh.” He said. Fernstepped through and Alexa followed behind him, holding a bag. “We would have been back sooner,” said Alexa, “but this guy insisted we stop and get burritos…” “Oi!” retorted Fern, “That was your idea!” The pair were about to start arguing over who was responsible for the burrito pitstop but were quickly stopped by the mob of staffo lunging at them. “Ah!” shouted Alexa, who had her back turned to them all as they tackled her with love. Her and Fern were both surrounded by their comrades, who were so happy to see their beloved friends again. What started out as an important meeting turned into a reunion nobody saw coming, but everybody wanted. “Oi!” shouted Fern again from somewhere inside the mob of staffo, “You better not squish my burrito!” the room erupted in laughter and sarcastic comebacks which were met with “I am dead serious!”from Fern.

            The next day, Merge gathered everyone once again. The reunion last night resulted in a party outbreak, and everyone was up partying well into the night. The meeting he had originally gathered everyone for in the first place never came to a conclusion. The group stood in the center of the spawn, awaiting their orders. “We’re just waiting on ASR and Pengu to get here and we can begin.” Merge said, sipping his morning coffee. The cool fall breeze blew through the spawn, knocking some of the few remaining leaves off the trees. “Where are they?” asked Para. “It’s not like ASR to be late for something like this…” chimed in Amy. “Peng is probably offlocking down his pebble collection…” said Fern. That comment got a lot of laughs from the group, including Merge. “You’re right though, Amy” said Merge,“ASR is never late for a meeting…” “That’s because he isn’t coming… And neither is Peng.” said a voice from behind Merge. Out from the office building stepped Wicked, flanked by 8 of his personal guard. “What are you talking about?” asked Merge, gripping his mug tight. “Well, it means what I said,” replied Wicked,“ASR and Pengu will not be joining us this morning… But don’t worry, you will see them soon enough… You all will.” Wicked snapped his fingers and the 8 guards leaped towards the group, their diamond swords drawn. Luckily for thestaffo, they were already prepared for today’s events, and though tired, drew their own weapons to defend themselves. The guards were tough, requiring 3-4 staff members each to keep occupied. “Wicked!” shouted Merge, dropping his mug,“What is the meaning of this?” he drew out his ace weapon, Mom’s Scythe. What appeared to be a diamond hoe, is really one of the most powerful weapons in all of Flux. Merge only brings it out when absolutely necessary, and with a possible Seanpire attack looming over them, today was one of those times.Wicked laughed, “Isn’t it obvious, stupid?” he replied, “I’m assuming control.”“You’re what?” Merge shouted back, “I am putting an end to your pathetic rule.”Wicked said, drawing his own signature weapon, Stormbreaker, from his side,“Once and for all…” The two engaged each other, locking weapons with each blow they tried to land.

Pseudo was fighting off one of the guards alongside Jia. The pair got separated from the rest due to being forced down one of the manybridges of the Spawn by their opponent. Pseudo was swift, he has been highly praised by his peers for his ability in combat. He swiftly dodged the guard’s attack, and dealt many blows to his abdomen, but nothing enough to be lethal.Jia was also fairly good in combat, though not nearly as good as Pseudo. The guard would often knock Jia off balance, and if it weren’t for Pseudo, he probably would’ve been defeated very quickly. “We need to make quick work of this guy!” shouted Jia. Pseudo was silent, focused on his opponent. The duel continued for a few more minutes with neither side making an advancement. “I have an idea…” Pseudo finally said, jumping back from the guard. Jia followed,and the guard stood his ground. “Charge him…” Pseudo said. “That’s your plan?!”shouted Jia, “Charge him?! I could have thought of that!” Pseudo looked at Jia,“Just trust me… do it.” Jia complied, readied his weapon, and charged the guard, assuming Pseudo had some secret up his sleeve. Though Jia was right about the secret, he wasn’t so right on who the secret was for. As he locked blades with the guard, he quickly felt something sharp pierce through his right side, just above his waist. He immediately fell to the ground, and the guard stepped back. “W-what is this?!” gasped Jia, rolling onto his back. Pseudo walked up to his wounded friend. “I’m sorry…” he said softly. “P-Pseudo..” Jiasaid in response. Pseudo was silent; the guard stood watching, waiting for Pseudo to finish Jia off. Pseudo knelt down next to Jia, blocking the guard’s view. “Go and assist Wicked and rest. I will finish things here.” he ordered.The guard nodded in compliance and departed for the rest of the battle. “Staydown…” Pseudo said, laying his hand on his friend’s forehead. “Arti will be by in a few minutes to help you to safety. Stay down until she gets here. “W-what are you doing, Pseudo?” Jia asked, groaning between every few words. “Hopefully,saving as many of my friends as I can…” Pseudo replied. After a few moments of silence, Pseudo left Jia to return to the battle.

            At some point during Pseudo’s absence, Wicked and Merge were separated, and it seems Wicked disappeared completely. Merge was assisting Grace and Faux with fighting off one of the guards when Pseudo returned. “Hey!” Merge shouted as Pseudo walked up, “A little help here!” Pseudo looked to Merge and went to his aid.“W-where is Jia?!” Merge asked as Pseudo ran up, “He was wounded by one of Wicked’s guards,” he said, “He is alright, Arti has him.” Merge was concerned for his friend, but he had more important things to deal with. “Do you see Wicked?” he asked, trading a few blows with the guard and then jumping back to let Grace and Faux go at him every now and then. Team work makes the dream work after all. “No, I haven’t.” Pseudo said. He did know where Wicked was however,and if he was to guess, he would say Merge is going to find out where he is too any minute now. As the battle continued, the ground began to shake. The shaking grew more intense the longer it happened. The guards and the staffo backed away from each other, trying their best to stand up straight as the ground shook beneath them. “Is someone opening the gate?!” shouted Trip. “Uh, Merge,” said Fern, “I think I know where Wicked went…”

            Wicked stood in the sublevel of the capital building where the control room, which was now engulfed in flames, was located. “It’s finally time!” he shouted, laughing.The gate to the spawn was now opened, and the world guard was no longer active. The Spawn was now completely defenseless, and that is exactly what Wicked wanted. Wicked exited the control room and pulled a small device out from his pocket, “Now to deal with their escape root…” he chuckled, “Mega had better set those charges correctly.” Below spawn, charges had been placed on the cities’propellers that keep the Spawn suspended in the air. Should these propellers fail, the Spawn would plummet to the surface, and no one beneath the city or in the lower levels of Spawn would survive. “Goodbye everyone!” shouted Wicked,manically as he pressed the button. A few moments went by, but nothing. “Thehell?!” shouted Wicked as he furiously pressed the button repeatedly. “Damn it!”he shouted, throwing the device to the ground. He stomped it to pieces with his boot and then burned the remains. “That idiot probably didn’t even turn the damn things on!” he shouted in rage. He took a deep breath and recomposed himself, “No matter… Everything else is still going to plan…” he pulled a second device from his other pocket, “speaking of which…” he said, powering the device, “Sean my friend, are you and Oran in position?”

            Just over the horizon, a streak of silver could be seen reflecting the sun’s rays as itrose over the land of Flux. Off in the distance, but closing in fast, was Sean’s fleet of starships. The spawn was already in sight and within firing range. Sean and Oran stood aboard the bridge of Sean’s flagship, the Ares. “Yes,sir!” Sean replied to Wicked over the communication device, “Your army has arrived!” “Very good!” exclaimed Wicked, you may commence attacking as soon as you are in range to deploy the troops.” Sean had a devilish smile covering his face as he held down the button on the device to speak, “With pleasure…” he chuckled. “Sir!” shouted one of the crew officers, “The Spawn is almost inrange!” Sean turned to face the officer, “Prepare to launch the gunships,”ordered Sean, “and ready the cannons for a bombardment of the Spawn!” “Yessir!” shouted the crew officer. Sean began walking up to the front window of the bridge, “Today marks the beginning of a new order…” he said, staring out at the Spawn, “Look out Flux… Because I’m back…” . . .

Alright guys, this is it! The moment we all have been waiting for! Now it is time for YOU to take part in telling the next chapter of the story! Will Wicked succeed in taking over Fluxcraft? Will Merge somehow emerge victorious? (ba dum tss…) Only time will tell!

            I’m so happy to have been able to work on this awesome story for you guys. Even though I have been horrible with keeping chapters more frequent, you guys still lovereading the story, and have been nothing but supportive. I’m glad that you all have enjoyed the story so far, and I hope you all have a great time participating in ANARCHY: Civil War!


ANARCHY: Civil War | The Battle for Spawn will take place on Saturday December 22nd at 2:30pm EST. Unlike previous entries in the ANARCHY events, this event will  allow players to choose between one of two teams: Team Emergenscene or Team Wicked. It will also feature a hardcore gamemode with each combatant only receiving 1 life. Once the doors to ANARCHY have been opened and all players allowed to join their respective teams, they will be closed until after the event.

Each member of the winning team will receive a special secret reward +10 diamonds.

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