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ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 3

ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 3

Story Written & Created by: SuperHeroSean, FC Admin

Author’s note:

Heh heh… Hey guys. So, I have a little bit of explaining to do before moving on. Without getting into too much detail, I had a bit of a rough patch about two weeks ago that left me very depressed and put me into a mood of wanting to do nothing but lay around. It’s taken some time, and I’m still not completely over it, but I think I have reached a point where I can get back to writing for you guys. I don’t want my own selfishness of not wanting to write to continue to stop Flux from enjoying the up and coming Anarchy event.

As well as my own personal problems, there has been a hand full of… head butting… within the community recently, and because of this, I have decided to remove the previous chapter from the storyline in order to put the story back on track. I repeat, the last chapter no longer exists. So please do not be confused when reading the next chapter(s).

So again, I apologize for the delay on chapters, and thank you for the continued support. <3

Now… time leap!

Date: 10/13/18

Location: The Spawn

Time: 12:45pm

It’s been about a month since the Fernbellion’s fall to the Seanpire. After evacuating the Spawn, Merge put the entire city on lockdown, letting no one in or out unless authorized to do so. Now, on the eve of the release of codename: Aquatic, Merge has to decide whether or not to open the Spawn again, or continue to await Sean’s next move. . .

 “The people are beginning to riot down in the sub levels.” Pengu said, standing on the other side of Merge’s desk, “We need to come up with a solution of some kind, or we will have more than just the Seanpire to worry about.”

 Merge sighed, “I know, Pengu…” he replied, putting his hands on the desk, “I know we can’t keep everyone locked in forever…” Pengu laid a folder down on Merge’s desk labeled “AQUATIC”. “With the portal opening tomorrow, they’re going to want to return to their homes in order to gather resources to explore,” Peng laughed, “we can’t send them in with nothing.” Merge opened the folder and read a few things on the papers inside it. He flipped through the pages, occasionally stopping to read something here and there. “And you’re sure that everything is safe for people to travel back and forth?” He asked. Peng nodded, “Wicked has run dozens of tests and has only run into one issue.” Merge looked up from the papers, “And that issue is…?” he asked, slightly concerned. “Well, occasionally an item or two might disappear between transfer, but it’s very seldom. Nothing we should be too concerned with right now. Not like everyone is taking their diamond blocks to adventure.” Merge laid the papers down, “Well, if Wicked is ok with it, I guess I am too.” He closed the folder, “Speaking of Wicked, have you seen him recently? I stopped by his office yesterday and this morning and he wasn’t there. I asked ASR and Pseudo and they both haven’t seen him since Wednesday.” Peng scratched the back of his neck, “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since Wednesday as well. Maybe he went through the portal again?” He said, trying to think. “You may be right,” Merge replied, “could you and ASR go check for me?” Peng smiled, “on it boss!” and with that he turned and left the room.

Merge followed Peng out, but went his own way once out of the room. After a few minutes’ walk, he arrived in the staff room located near the sublevels of spawn. This room was formerly a storage room but was recently converted to a sitting room, so staff could be closer to the players during their off time should something happen. In the lounge was Grace, Meta, Chopppa, and Espa. The group were taking their break while Flem, JP, Para, and Demi were assisting players outside. “Hello!” the four said to Merge simultaneously, “Hey guys.” Merge replied. He stood in the door way, looking around the room. He could see Jia’s leftover sandwich still sitting on the table from last week, and Demi’s… oh gosh is that… no… “What’s that weird look for?” Grace asked laughing. “N-nothing!” Merge said, shaking his head. “… I need to talk to Demi later it seems…” he thought to himself. Espa gave Merge a status report on the players, and as usual, they were not happy in the slightest. “Daimend has somehow managed to get a hold of a large amount of the food supplies and has started selling it at triple the price.” she said with a glare. “Yeah that’s not happening.” Merge replied. Without a moment of hesitation, he pulled a command block out of a shulker and began typing. A few minutes later a loud BOOM could be heard outside. “Problem solved!” he chuckled. The group laughed a lot longer than they probably should have, but eventually collected themselves. “With the portal opening soon, we’re gonna have to come up with some way of allowing them to travel to it safely.” Merge said after collecting himself, “We can’t risk letting anyone of Seanpire go through the portal and compromise it.” He then turned to Grace, “Can you go around up the rest of the team?” he asked, “I need to speak to everyone about tomorrow.” Grace stood from her seat, “Yes sir!” she said kindly, and with that, she was out the door.

 ASR was standing near the front gates of the spawn, near the wild warp portal. He was adding a few tweaks to allow players to wild warp into the Aquatic portal instead of having to make everyone arrive at the same location upon release. He had just finished laying down a redstone line when Peng walked up. “Skrrrt skrrrrt!” Peng shouted as he came down the path. ASR stopped what he was doing and turned around, “Was that necessary?” he asked, wiping the dust off his hands. “Very.” Peng replied, a very serious tone in his voice. ASR rolled his nonexistent eyes, “What can I do for you?” he asked, turning around to continue his work. “Emerge asked me to come find you and ask if you saw Wicked down by the Aquatic portal.” Peng said, picking up a stone pressure plate and handing it to ASR. “Thank you,” ASR said as he took the plate from Peng. He laid it down on top of the redstone he had just set down and threw a rock on it. Once the rock hit the plate, a click could be heard and then it disappeared, “Works like a charm.” ASR said, wiping his forehead. “Look at you learning redstone!” Peng laughed. ASR turned around, ignoring Peng’s comment, “I thought I saw Wicked down by the portal this morning, but I never saw him come back. Awfully strange seeing as no one is supposed to go near it alone.” Peng readjusted the end rod he keeps mounted on his forehead, “Yeah,” he replied, finally getting it realigned properly, “maybe we should go check on the portal just in case.” “Good idea.” ASR replied. The pair picked up the few redstone tools left laying on the ground and then made their way to the portal.

Location: Seanpire Compound

 “I want the cruisers in the air within the hour!” Sean shouted to group of men standing in front of him. The Seanpire compound was very busy. Dozens of people were running all across, carrying various different items to and from the air field. It’s been so long since Wicked first revealed to Sean they were planning to attack the Spawn. Every day since Sean has paced back and forth in his office, just waiting for Wicked to give the orders to attack.

 “Sir, Grand General Oran has returned from the border.” a servant declared. “Call for him.” Sean replied. Sean has not seen Oran since the day they finally rid Flux of that pathetic group known as the Fernbellion, which at this time, it has nearly been an entire month. Sean exited the busy airfield and made his way back to Seanpire Manor, where he planned to meet with Oran.

 Sean descended the stairs leading to his lab, and then descended yet again down another set of stairs which led to the meeting room. It was in this very room just under a month ago, he delivered the message of the Fernbellion’s defeat to Wicked. This same room that Wicked foretold Sean of the many rewards he would receive once the final deed was done. He reached the final staircase and entered the room, inside was Oran.

 “Hello, my friend!” Sean said as he entered the room, “I’m glad to see you back here safe and sound.” Oran was facing the fountain in the room, but turned when he heard Sean’s voice, “Thank you sir, glad to be back.” he replied. The two sat at the table in the center of the room and Sean explained to Oran what the next step of the plan was. “Wow, so we are really doing it?” Oran asked, “I never thought I’d see the day.” Sean smiled, “It’s all because of the hard work put in by you and the hundreds of others loyal to the Seanpire. Without your support, none of this could have ever happened.” Sean poured two Lucky 7’s into some glasses and handed one to Oran. “So,” he said, setting his drink down, “Have your forces begun their advancement?” Oran took his drink and also set it down, “Yes, they are moving to the rendezvous point as we speak. They will be in place in the next few hours.” Sean smiled, “Very good,” he said, picking his glass up again, “So, let us toast!” he exclaimed, raising the glass towards Oran, “Here’s to the grand new future of Flux!” Oran agreed with a small laugh and the two hit their glasses together. The two were not even half way through their fist sip when two soldiers came running into the room. “Sir!” one shouted, “The device in your office is glowing red!” Sean set his drink on the table, “… and so it begins…” Sean said, setting his cup down. “Make the final preparations and get my cruisers in the air. We will meet with Oran’s forces over the stronghold, and then proceed to the Spawn.” Oran followed Sean out of the meeting room and back up to the surface, “Victory shall soon be ours!” Sean shouted.

Location: The Spawn

“Wicked, are you around?” shouted Peng as the pair approached the portal. The portal was open, but no one was around. “What’s that?” ASR asked, looking down at an axe on the ground just in front of the portal. “Is that… Stormbreaker?” Peng asked, seeing what ASR was talking about. “It looks like it,” ASR replied, “but what is it doing out here… and by itself nonetheless?” ASR picked up the axe, “Wicked would never just leave this laying around,” he said, examining the axe, “it’s his most prized possession.” Peng stared at the axe in ASR’s hand, “Do you think something happened and he got knocked into the portal?” he asked, noting the portal was open, “Maybe one of those new creatures came through and pulled him in?” ASR lowered the axe and stared at the portal, “Once in, you can’t get back out without someone on this end reopening the portal…” he said, staring into the portal. “We have to go after him!” Peng said, pulling his armor out of a shulker. ASR sighed, “But we can’t both go in at once…” “I’ll stay here and keep watch for you guys…” a voice replied. The pair turned around to see Pseudo standing at the entrance of the portal room. “Perfect timing, Pseudo.” ASR said, “We think Wicked may be in danger, can you send word back to Merge that Peng and I have gone after him? And once you’ve done that, please make sure the portal remains open until we return.” Pseudo smiled, “You got it boss, leave it to me!” Peng handed ASR an extra set of armor he kept in his shulker as well, and the two began gearing up for their mission. Once prepared, the two stepped towards the portal, “Goodluck! Bring him home!” Pseudo shouted. “You can count on it.” Peng replied. The two Senior Admins entered the portal and disappeared into the blue mist emitting from it, now in a new world with hopes of finding and rescuing their friend.

 Pseudo stood there for a moment, staring at the portal and making sure the pair had gone through. “…” he was silent as he pulled down the lever which closed the portal. “Good work Pseudo,” a voice said from outside the portal room, “I knew I could count on you. Your sacrifice will be rewarded very soon.” Wicked appeared in the threshold, a devilish smirk on his face. Pseudo turned to face Wicked, “And my friends in the Asian Squad will remain safe?” he asked. Wicked’s smirk turned into a gentle smile, “Of course,” he replied, “as agreed, your friends will remain unharmed.” Pseudo turned back towards the portal, unsure of what he had just done. . .

Author’s note:

Alright guys, this is it! One last chapter to go! I hope you all are as excited as I am for the finale. Expect the last chapter to roll out sometime next week! As usual, thank you all so much for the continued support, and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

Story Written & Created by: SuperHeroSean, FC Admin

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