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ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 3

ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 3

Story Written & Created by: Seanpatine, FC Admin

Date: 9/23/18

Location: The City of Rathan

Time: 7:30pm

Sounds of explosions echoed throughout the city of Rathan. The now dusty and debris filled streets were once crowded with people, families, and children, walking to and from work, or maybe even the city park. Since the end of the war, those still loyal to the Fernbellion have taken matters into their own hands and have begun terrorizing Seanpire controlled cities and their allies. The Rathan capital building was in chaos. The press room was flooded with reporters, fighting for a moment to speak and ask questions to the Rathan Council.

“How do you plan to combat the terrorist threat plaguing the city?!” shouted one female reporter. “Are we safe remaining in the city?!” a male reporter followed. The press all faced an elevated stage with three podiums set up on it. Standing at the podiums was the Rathan Council, which comprised of BudderBurgler, RipJaws, and Tlgenzer. These three founders govern the city and handle all matters concerning it.

“It is unclear at this time how we are going to address the terrorist threat,” said Bud, above the noise of camera clicks, “but please be assured that, as long as the capital stands, the people of Rathan are safe.” Tlgenzer followed, “We have evacuated everyone to the capital building. As long as you remain here, I promise you will be safe.”

The camera clicks continued, and after Tlgenzer finished speaking, the room again erupted with reporters shouting question after question to the three council members. “Do you believe this has anything to do with the loss of general Arcaderion?” a younger reporter shouted, “Is our military capable of defending without his leadership and guidance?!” RipJaws was prepared to respond, but Bud quickly interjected, “Our military is more than capable of defending the city of Rathan and its people. Yes, the loss of Arc took a tremendous toll on us both personally and professionally, but we have protocols in place for this exact scenario.” Bud stared into the eyes of the young reporter, “No harm will come to anyone in this building.” he declared.

“We have requested aid from our allies in the Seanpire and Carmessi Koalition,” Tlgenzer began, “We will keep you all up to date on the situation as we learn new information.” The sound of camera clicks continued, and the rudely mannered reporters continued their long bombardment of questions for well over an hour.

Once the nightmare press briefing ended, the three council members retired to Bud’s office. The three friends entered the room and Bud took a seat at his desk, Tlgenzer and RipJaws sat in chairs on the other side. Bud’s desk is usually neatly kept and never cluttered, but the recent attacks have put a great deal of stress on the young leader. He sat in his chair and leaned forward with his elbows on his desk, “How could we let this happen?” he asked, running his hands over his face and through his hair, “How could we be so ignorant… to let these animals walk up to our front porch and kick the door in?” He pulled his head up and laid back in his chair, “We need to get this under control,” he said, turning his chair around to look out the window. Flashes of light, created from the explosions of their enemies, lit up the city as dusk fell upon it. Bud felt a lump in his throat begin to form, “I’ve let my people down…” he said to himself. Rip and TL remained silent, unsure of what to say. . .


Location: The Spawn

It’s been roughly a week since Merge and Wicked gave orders to evacuate the Spawn. The attack they thought would come never came. The people began questioning and were sick of being kept underground all day. Small riots had already formed, and protesters had been detained.

To enter Flux, one must enter through a portal gate. Flux’s portal gate brings you into a building located at the south end of the Spawn. Here, new arrivals are greeted by Staff and players alike, and are given a tour of the Spawn and informed of the policies players are expected to follow.

Merge stood outside the portal gate building, looking over the entire spawn. The usually lively and happy city now a wasteland, where only the sound of leaves falling off trees could be heard. It also did not help that it was transitioning into fall season, so all the trees were beginning to lose their leaves. Usually the fall season is a beautiful time, and everyone joins together to decorate the spawn in fall decorations. But not this year, war could break out at any time. Can’t risk letting people out of the bunkers under the city.

Merge sighed, “The Spawn is usually so beautiful this time of year…” he thought to himself, “it’s like Spawn has died with the leaves…” Merge kicked a pebble off the ledge, almost hitting ASR’s statue below.

When the Spawn was constructed, those who helped build it were given a statue by the entrance to the portal gate. Of course, ASR was one of the builders, so his statue stood alongside everyone else’s.

“Lucky you didn’t hit that, or ASR might have had your head.” came a voice. Merge turned around to see Wicked standing in the threshold of the building’s entrance. “He can get over it.” Merge said, clearly not in the mood for any jokes. Since the evacuation, Wicked keeps disappearing and reappearing without a word. Merge has tried confronting him, and every time he fails to get answers. He likes to think Wicked is just off making sure the Spawn’s defense systems are operational, since he designed them and has the most knowledge of them, but something just doesn’t sit right. Wicked motioned for Merge to come inside. “It’s too cold for you to be out here at this hour” he said, calmly, “come inside, we have to help set up the sleeping quarters for the players.” Merge began to turn and come in but stopped once he was facing Wicked. “What’s wrong?” Wicked asked, “Everything alright?” Merge stood up straight and looked Wicked in the face, “Where do you keep running off to?” he asked, “Are you trying to do something without me knowing?” Wicked was stunned at the question, he didn’t expect it at a time like this. “… It’s nothing you should be concerned with,” he began, “I’ve been making sure the island is ready for the possibility of war. I know our tech better than anyone else, I don’t want to take any chances of it failing when it’s needed the most.” Merge stood there, not buying it one bit, “Will you stop it? Do you think I’m dumb? It’s not hard to see that you’re up to something more than just making sure our connection is up. Why are you being so secretive?” he asked, “Why do you have to shut me out every time?” Wicked’s calm tone disappeared, a more agitated and upset tone now taking its place. “There it is” he said, beginning to walk towards Merge. “There’s the true Emergenscene. The one who can’t handle not being in control of everything. The Emergenscene who gets rid of anyone who doesn’t follow his beliefs.” He stopped right in front of Merge, looking him in the eyes “… and you wonder why Flux is dying.” Wicked stood there for a minute, waiting for Merge to respond. When no response was given, he turned and headed back inside without a word, leaving Merge, who had a single tear rolling down his cheek, alone outside. . .

Authors note:

Thank you all so much for the support on these chapters. It’s been so much fun writing them, and I am glad you all are enjoying reading them! I just wanted to apologize for the long wait for this chapter. I had some health issues pop up towards the end of last week that threw my entire schedule off, and I’m still in the process of trying to get back into the swing of things. Please bear *bear emoji* with me as I get back into the groove of writing, and please continue to give your feedback! Thank you for reading! 

Story Written & Created by: Seanpatine, FC Admin

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