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ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 2

Story Written & Created by: SuperHeroSean, FC Admin

Date: 9/15/18

Time: 10:48 A.M.

Location: Fluxcraft Capital City, ‘The Spawn’

“… What are you up to?” Merge muttered to himself after Wicked exited the room. After a few seconds of silence, Merge turned to the far left corner of the room where a faint glow could be seen, “I know you’re over there,” he said, smiling and trying not to laugh, “Come on out.” The sound of a chair moving could be heard, followed by footsteps. Out stepped ASR, the second of Merge’s two senior advisors. “You’re finding my hiding places more and more easily.” ASR said with a sigh. “Well, it’s not too difficult to find a guy with a sea lantern on his head,” Merge replied, now laughing, “especially when it’s the only one in the room!” You couldn’t see it, but ASR rolled his eyes. “So, how is the expansion coming along?” Merge asked. ASR laid his prized wooden axe on the table next to him, “Everything is proceeding as planned and on schedule.” He replied. “Good to hear, dependable as always!” Merge said with a smile.

The expansion is the result of an accidental discovery by Jia who, while trying to play a prank on Wicked and Merge, accidentally blew up part of the Spawn, revealing an ancient ruin with a portal that lead to an alternate universe where an abundance of sea life could be found. The alternate universe was called 1.13 and codenamed ‘Aquatic’ by Merge and Wicked. ASR was tasked with putting together a group to create a nice little building for the portal to reside in, but of course, knowing ASR, what was supposed to be a cute little building, turned into a giant project that once again left Merge speechless with just the blueprints.

 “Once we figure out how to keep the portal stable enough for commuting back and forth, we will be ready to open it to the public.” ASR said. Merge half smiled, “At least there’s some good news…” he replied with a sigh. ASR frowned, “I know you don’t want to see this happen Merge,” he said, resting his arm on Merge’s shoulder, “but the time to fight is coming,” he stepped back and turned to the table where his axe laid, “and you can bet that we’re gonna kick that brat’s ass when he gets here!” He said, picking up the axe, his frown now a devious smirk. “I just wish it didn’t have to come to this…” Merge sighed, “Sean was such a close friend to all of us. It’s like someone flipped a switch and he was gone…” Before Merge could continue, the door to the meeting room opened and in stepped Grace and Demi, two members of the moderating division. “Merge, is it true?” asked Demi. “Is Sean coming here?” Grace followed up, in case Demi was not clear. Before Merge could say any kind of response, ASR spoke up, “We do not know for sure when or if Sean is coming here. All we know is that, for the safety of the Spawn and all those who live within it, we must prepare for the possible attack. We will be briefing everyone within the hour. For now, please assist the Admins in securing the island.” The two nodded and exited the room. After the pair of concerned mods exited, ASR turned his attention back to Merge, “I think we are needed elsewhere. Let’s go help our family.” Merge nodded, “You’re right…” he said, agreeing. The two exited the meeting room and made their way outside to see where they are likely to be needed.

 Up on the surface, just as Wicked had instructed, the Admins were directing traffic and attempting to calmly evacuate the residents to the lower levels of the Spawn. “Please remain calm and follow Meta to the lower levels!” shouted Para from atop a crate. Meta was leading the first wave of residents down to the lower levels where it would be safer and easier to escape if a complete island evacuation were to happen.

 When the Spawn was formed, Wicked designed a type of giant fan like hover devices that would keep the Spawn suspended in the air. This was done in order to keep unwanted guests such as Creepers and Skeletons from terrorizing the residents of the floating island. Because the Spawn floated, the bottom of the island was the perfect spot to hide an aircraft capable of a quick escape if needed.

 Meta lead the residents down to a safe room of sorts, but you would never guess that at first glance. After all, anything built by ASR goes above and beyond.

Merge and ASR walked up to Para who was now climbing down from the crate. After assisting her down by holding her hand to keep her balance as she stepped down, Merge spoke. “How are things going so far?” he asked her. “Well, everyone is confused,” she said, standing up straight, “which we expected, but things are going smoothly.” Para replied. “That’s good to hear.” Merge said, now watching the group of people lead by Meta disappear down the stairwell. Para sighed, “Are you holding up alright?” she asked him, putting her arm on his shoulder. “Yes, well, I think so is what I should say.” he replied. “Do you happen to know where Wicked ran off to?” He asked as a follow up question, “I thought I would have seen him out here with you guys.” Para shrugged, “I haven’t seen him since we were in the meeting room.” “Perhaps he’s in the shopping district assisting in the evacuation there?” ASR said, chiming in, “I’m headed there anyways, if I see him, I will tell him you’re looking for him.” he continued, turning towards the portal linked to the shopping district, “I’ll catch you two later, good luck!” he said, walking towards the portal. “Thanks, and good luck to you as well!” shouted Para.

Once ASR was through the portal the two turned back to the stairwell, the last of the crowd finally going down the stairs. “Para, I need you to go tell the other staff members to meet me in the meeting room in an hour. I want to brief everyone else on the current situation.” Merge requested, “And if you see Wicked, tell him to come too.” Para nodded, “Will do!” she replied.

Merge watched as Para walked off, and once she walked around a corner and was out of his sight, he headed back to the meeting room.


Location: Seanpire Manor, Sean’s Private Residence.

 A lone, black helicopter lands on the front lawn of the manor. Its slick coat of paint reflecting the sun into the eyes of those below as it makes its descent. The helicopter cuts its engines after it is safely on the ground. Two soldiers walk up to the doors of the vehicle and open them. As the doors open, a set of stairs roll out from the inside. As the stairs touch the ground Sean steps out, followed by Gre and Oran, his Grand Generals, and VGA, his Grand Admiral of the Seanpire Naval fleet.

 “Welcome home, sir, and congratulations!” one of the Manor’s staff shouted in exclamation. “It feels good to be home.” Sean replied, stepping onto the lawn. It’s been roughly 2 months since the last time Sean was here. In those two months, along with his military officials, Sean stood beside his forces as they launched their assaults on the different Fernbellion bases they took down, one after another. “Place looks nice, Sean.” praised Oran. “I think your trees could use some attention…” chimed in Gre. Ignoring Gre’s comment, Sean turned to his three officials. “Thank you all for your contributions to the Seanpire.” he began, “Over the last 6 months, you all have sacrificed so much, and no amount of gratitude can ever make up for that.” He looked at VGA now, “Even though you’ve been with us for a short period of time, you and your people have also contributed so much, thank you!” VGA nodded with a smile, “It’s been an honor working with you all.” he replied. “Let’s not forget Rathan either.” Sean continued, “They provided much needed food and supplies for our troops. I wish Bud was here with us now, but he is currently dealing with his own matters in Rathan.” Bud was currently dealing with the loss of one of his own officials, Arc, who had recently stepped down.

 The group continued talking for a few moments until one of the maids from the Manor’s maid staff approached them. “Emperor Sean, you have a guest waiting for you in the meeting room. I-it’s rather urgent sir.” Sean turned to the maid, “Has Merge already sent a representative to negotiate surrender?” he laughed, “Well that didn’t take long at all-” the maid interrupted Sean. “I-it’s him, sir…” she said, with a fearful tone in her voice. Sean’s laughter quickly disappeared, “I see…” he said, more seriously, “I will be right there…” He turned to his three friends, “It appears I have a surprise appointment to attend to. Please, go and celebrate with the others. I will join you all shortly.” Oran and Gre both complied with the request and headed to the party taking place in the upstairs of the manor. VGA, however, had his own matters to attend to. “Sadly, I must return home. Howly has been very much over worked in my absence, I must go and thank him and give him aid.” He said. “Very well,” Sean said, rather disappointed. He turned to the maid, “Please show Admiral VGA to his plane please.” he asked her. The maid bowed in acknowledgement and lead VGA away.

 Once VGA was gone, Sean headed for the manor. He was greeted by two soldiers guarding the door, and also by another maid who opened the door for him, “Welcome home sir!” she said, kindly. Sean nodded, but paid very little attention to her, his mind was elsewhere at the moment. He descended the stairs and walked through the lab located under the manor and down another staircase, which lead to the meeting room.

 Two guards, not in the normal Seanpire issued armor, stood at the door. The armor worn by the two guards resembled the armor used by Sean’s own personal guard, except these two wore armor that appeared to be more lighter, and easier to maneuver in. On their red chest plates, an emblem that somewhat resembled blaze powder was engraved in black on the upper right corner. As Sean approached, the two guards stepped aside, allowing him entry.

 As Sean entered the room, he was met with an intense heat. So hot that, if he didn’t know any better, would have made him think he was standing in a fire! In the center of the room stood a table, and on the opposite side of the table as Sean, sat a figure in a red jacket, his back turned to Sean. The figure was quiet until Sean took a seat at the table. “You’ve done well, Sean.” the figure began, “I knew I could depend on you.” “Thank you, sir.” replied Sean. “It is now time to move into phase 2 of my plan.” The figure continued, “With the defeat of the Fernbellion, Emergencene is practically defenseless. As we speak, he is evacuating the Spawn island and preparing for your arrival.” Sean adjusted himself in his seat, “Does this mean we need to begin attacking as soon as possible?” He asked. “No.” The figure replied, sternly, “You are not to launch any form of attack until I tell you.” Sean, while confused, obeyed as instructed. “So, what do we do till then?” he asked. “For now, enjoy your victory.” The figure responded, “Today is a momentous occasion, Sean. It marks the first day of a new era, an era in which we no longer have to look to Emergencene for leadership. It was a mistake leaving him in charge Sean, I should have never allowed myself to do such a thing. If we do not intervene, I fear Flux will become a wasteland. You are the only one who understands just how dangerous it is to leave him in charge… Everyone else laughed at me, but not you…” Wicked stood from his seat and walked over to the water feature in the back of the room. “Once we have delivered Flux out of the hands of Emergencene, you will be rewarded greatly in my new order.” He turned to face Sean again, “but until that day comes, we must continue to fight for that dream.” Wicked placed something on the table and then walked to the door, “I will contact you when the time comes.” He instructed. Sean nodded and stood from the chair, “Yes sir. I look forward to hearing from you.” he replied. Wicked exited the room and left Sean alone.

 Sean walked over to the other side of the table and picked up the device Wicked left on the table. It was a strange device he had never seen before, it was thin and circle shaped. “I’m sure he Sean-proofed this thing…” he thought to himself. . .

Story Written & Created by: SuperHeroSean, FC Admin

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