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ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 1

ANARCHY: Civil War | Chapter 1

Story Written & Created by: SuperheroSean, FC Admin

Date: 9/15/18
Time: 10:05 A.M.
Location: Fluxcraft Capital City, ‘The Spawn’

Word of the Fernbellion’s defeat spread like wildfire. With the loss of the regime’s leader, the remaining forces stood little chance against the newly formed RSCK Triple Alliance, and were defeated in just a few hours.

Emergencene sat alone in his office. Since word got back to him that the remaining forces of the Fernbellion engaged the Seanpire and its allies, he anxiously awaited word on the outcome.

A picture frame sat to the right of him on his desk, and in said frame was a picture of himself alongside his team of advisors, popularly nicknamed ‘the Admins.’ This group of people are hand picked by Emergencene himself to help run the Flux government, and carry his authority with them. Merge picked up the frame and stared at the photo for a moment, his sadness growing when he made eye contact with one of the admins in the picture. There stood Sean, one of the newer admins at the time, standing between Pseudo and Meta, the two responsible for his coming up.

Merge still couldn’t wrap his head around it all… How could someone as quiet and reserved as Sean have so much anger built up? How could he go as far as form his own government, declare war against Flux, and without a second thought kill hundreds of people, and for what? What’s worse is he took other staffos with him. Oran and Gre followed Sean from the very beginning and haven’t looked back once. Along side Sean, the pair lead the ground forces on the front lines, and are both responsible for death of Fern. Merge set the frame back down on the desk and sighed, “I never thought it would come to this…” he thought to himself.

After a few minutes of silence, the door to Merge’s office opened, and in stepped Wicked, the Co-Leader of Flux. Since the beginning, Wicked considered Merge more of the face of the nation, while he preferred to stay in the background. But recently, however, Wicked has started to become more vocal on certain topics, and on a couple occasions could be heard having shouting matches in his office with Merge over policies and event plans. Today, however, Wicked was not here to argue. There was something far more important to deal with.

“We have received word that the Seanpire has defeated the last of the Fernbellion forces near the world border.” Wicked said, walking closer to Merge’s desk, “… they left no survivors.” Merge stood up from his desk, the anger swelling up inside of him just waiting to explode, “Those monsters…” he said, looking down with a clenched fist. Wicked could tell Merge was ready to blow, so he quickly began to try and calm his friend, “My dear friend, now is not the time to be consumed by anger. You must join me in preparing our people for battle. It is our duty to ensure that Flux and those who live in it remain safe.” Merge took a deep breath and walked out from behind his desk, “You’re right.” he replied, looking towards Wicked now, “We must protect Flux!”

The two exited Merge’s office and made their way to the lower levels of the Spawn where a meeting room was located. Inside the room, already assembled, was what was left of Merge’s Admin team, Meta, Para, Espa, Pseudo, JP, Dom as well as one of Merge’s Head Admins, Pengu. They were all sitting at a large table. As Merge and Wicked entered, the room grew quiet, and all attention was on them. “As you are all aware,” Wicked began, “The Seanpire has defeated the last of the Fernbellion…” Merge picked up where Wicked left off, “We are lead to believe that, with the Fernbellion no longer in the way, the Seanpire will set its sights on the Spawn and attempt to take control of Flux.” The room again grew quiet, but only for a few moments, “So, what are we going to do?” Peng asked, breaking the silence. Merge was going to speak, but Wicked stepped forward and cut him off, “We are going to fortify the Spawn and protect it at all costs.” Meta spoke up, “So we’re just going to sit around and wait for them to come to us?” he asked, a worried tone in his voice. “We do not possess the resources to launch any attack of our own.” Wicked replied, “Our only option would be to send you all to battle, and we cannot risk a single one of you being captured, or even worse, killed. You all are the last line of defense, if the Spawn is breached, is it up to you to push the enemy back out.” Merge stepped out from around Wicked, “Wicked is right, we need you here more than anything.” The Admins looked around at one another, realizing that even at a time of crisis, these two are still trying to one up each other. “Alright then,” Pseudo finally said, trying to stop any possible argument between the two from starting, “Let’s get started with the preparations. You all know the drill.” Everyone nodded, stood from the table, and began exiting the room.

After everyone left, Wicked turned for the door as well. “Where are you going?” asked Merge. “I must prepare for battle myself, I suggest you do the same.” he said, walking through the threshold and closed the door. Merge was left alone, the meeting room lights flickering, “What are you up to…” he muttered.

Story Written & Created by: SuperheroSean, FC Admin

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  1. I don’t now how the #### did you read that good of a story i had something like that in my mind but someone that left flux for sometime and a normal player could not do it , but you did it .

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