Server is now on 1.15! Read the patch notes HERE

We are Fluxcraft, a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server. The server was founded in December 2016 during version Minecraft 1.11.1 by WickedBlaze(Engineer) and Emergenscene (Senpai). We are currently running Minecraft Version 1.13.2.

We take immense pride in offering a redstone friendly, EULA compliant, non-P2W minecraft experience. That means that all of our donor perks are cosmetic, you can’t go and buy game-breaking items for yourself. We’ve got custom-built challenges available in-game that allow you to earn in-game currency or items directly.

Fluxcraft was started by friends, for friends. We’ve got an incredible staff team that puts in tons of effort to keep the server going and creates awesome events for players (players can apply to join staff too!). Join today at: to find out more about us and become part of something that is more than just Minecraft!

2017 Fluxcraft Spawn