Server is now on 1.15! Read the patch notes HERE

1.14.4 Update

Our team has been working hard overnight preparing the 1.14.4 update!

a few changes have happened over the update. namely a few of our plugins have been broken or replaced. Disguises are currently broken but will return in the next few days in a newer better fashion.

To give everyone more chances at new things the world boarder of the end and overworld has been extended by 10k blocks, and the nether by 1250 blocks.

Also our shop plugin has been changed back to our original plugin with the introduction of a new barter shop!

Setting up of shop chest examples

After that you can go ahead and left click the shop with the item that you wish to sell.
if you’re setting up a barter shop, hit it a second time with the item you want to barter for!

I hope you all enjoy the new update!

~Mom <3

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