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Server Updated | 1.13.1 Is Live!!!

Welcome to Fluxcraft 1.13.1 | A Whole New World Update

We’re now updated to 1.13.1!! I hope you’re all excited because we are! It’s been a rough couple months and while it’s disappointing that the player data wasn’t able to migrate, it’s a fresh opportunity for everyone. For the first time in 2 years all of you will all be on the same playing field. We’ve even disabled god/fly for ALL staff in survival to keep it fair. And once the shop world re-opens, you will all have a fair chance to compete for ‘dem diamonds!

We have a Drop Party scheduled this Sunday October 14th at 2:30pm EST where we will be releasing awesome prizes!

Donators: To fix your color on tab, please use /open fun to reset your rank and update your tab color when you log in. /nick has also been reset, you will have to re-configure your nickname.

Now let’s jump into the patch notes.


  • We’ve got a new logo and the website has been re-skinned to match!

Vanilla Gameplay

  • All vanilla updates/mobs from 1.13.1
  • World Border: 25k x 25k
    • Will increase as new world gen updates are released by Mojang
    • We want pandas!
  • Wild Warp Range: 5k blocks
  • # of hoppers per chunk: 60
  • # of mobs per chunk limit: 60
  • Note on Phantoms: Sleeping is still disabled, therefore you will have no choice but to fight the new terrors of the night.


  • More Mob Heads
    • All mobs now have a chance to drop their heads! Collect all of the mob heads to earn a special reward from WickedBlaze.
  • Double Shulker Shells
    • All Shulkers drop 2 shells upon death!
  • Anti-Enderman Grief
    • Enderman can’t steal your blocks!
  • More Bricks Crafting
    • Crafting for specific brick types increased!
  • More Stairs Crafting
    • All stair types craft number increased to 8
  • Universal Dying
    • Dye all the things! Ex: dye any color of wool with the dye of your choice!
  • Silence Mobs
    • Silence those annoying mobs with a name tag named “Silence Me”
  • Dragon Drops Elytra
    • Ender Dragon drops an elytra, dragon head, and dragon egg after every kill!
  • Double Slab Crafting
    • Craftable smooth stone slab blocks without that nasty border


  • Emotes
    • discontinued
  • Trails
    • discontinued
  • Death Effects
    • discontinued
  • Lightning Upon Login
    • Discontinued
  • Note About Cosmetic Plugins: Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we add new cosmetics to replace the outdated ones!

Voting/Epic Loots Keys

  • Epic Loot Key obtaining changed!
    • Vote on all 4 voting sites each day to obtain an Epic Shard! Collect 10 shards to trade in for an Epic Loot Key! Archangel’s still earn 2 flux keys per vote
    • Flux Token renamed to Epic Shard
  • Vote totals remain the same, your rank will not change

Shop World/The End:

  • The Shop World is temporarily locked to give players enough time to get items to sell.
  • The Anarchy World is now locked and will only be open to the public during special events
  • The End is locked until players locate and unlock a stronghold.
    • End Farms (Ender Ender and Shulker Farm) will be released 2 weeks after the End is unlocked

Donor Ranks/Perks

  • Unchanged, new cosmetics will be added to replace the outdated/removed ones for existing donors.


  • Completely wiped due to player data migration failure


  • Some features of the cosmetic GUI’s may be broken. If you notice anything, please direct-message Emergenscene or About98Penguins on Discord.


  • Current Maze Prize: Granny’s Walking Stick (+0.10% Movement Speed/Knockback X)
  • Current Parkour Prize: Aquatic Grail (Unbreakable Turtle Helmet)
  • Parkour now has Jump Boost 2 and Slow Falling 2!

And that’s all folk! We hope you enjoy your fresh start on FC, it wasn’t the plan when we first started and wasn’t even 2 weeks ago but unfortunately it’s what ended up having to happen to get us to 1.13.1.

Much love,



The Senior Admins

The Marshall

The Admins

The Moderators

The Assistants

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  1. Hello DaimendXd here,

    Love the way you guys did the patch notes, feels like a real patch notes of games.
    With the special reward from WickedBlaze is that yet to be decided, We will know when we see or something like a option we can choose from.


  2. Hi Daimend,

    Reward has yet to be decided as we wait to see how the new eco plays out. However, it’ll totally be worth it 🙂

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