December Update

Emergenscene a
Emergenscene @ FluxCraft
posted Dec 1, 17

Its December, Hope you're looking forward to a month of fun!


Advent Calendar

From Dec 1st to Dec 24th be sure to visit our Advent area for cool rewards

Just for the month of December!

Santa's Workshop Event

Hidden around spawn will be 3 items you can pick up that can be redeemed

at the Advent area for a Santa Disguise!

Rank Changing GUI

A New GUI update is coming, You will be able to freely swap & display as

previously bought donation ranks without losing your rank or perks!

Winter Build Comp

Starting today we will be hosting a winter build comp, Rules are the same as last time,

Except you must build in a cold biome this round.

Top 3 winners will receive Unlimited Sethomes.

More info in the forums.

Season Shift

Winter is here and fall has gone, Hope you enjoy the cold!

Make sure to keep warm. <3

Ascendant Released

A new donation rank has been released, Make sure to check it out!

Birthday Drop Party

On Dec 28th Fluxcraft turns 1 year old.

Be sure to join us @ 5pm est for the celebration!

New Rewards

3 New Death Effects

Snowman Pet

Blizzard Trails

Wolf Disguise Pack (Colors and Angry)

New Game Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Polar Bear Egg

Parkour - Unbreakable Golden Shovel

It's been one amazing month. Thanks so much for everyone's hard work and the staff

and players that help keep us motivated to provide fun content month to month.