February Update

Emergenscene a
Emergenscene @ FluxCraft
posted Feb 5, 18

February is here, and and apparently Its the Month of "Love"

to celebrate we will be holding a special event and introducing a few themed rewards.


Season Shift

Who says Global Warming isn't real. Spring has come early to Fluxcraft!

Donation Shop Update

The Ender Dragon and Giant Disguise are here to stay!

Released a Ghast Disguise

Key Prices Reduced <3

New Mansion Mayhem Rewards

A Villager Summon Scroll, Some new spawn eggs!

and Mob Spawners have joined the reward pool.

Parkour Level 4

With the season shift comes a new level of Parkour

I hope you enjoy this new challenge.

New Rewards

Mini Moha Pet (One Month Only)

Mini Meta Pet (One Month Only)

Mini Amay Pet (One Month Only)

In Love Trails

Heart Trails

Silverfish Disguise

New Game Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Mooshroom Egg

Parkour - Cupid's Avarice

Double Drop Party

Wow its Febuary already, Make sure you're here on Feb 14th

To show our EU players some love, we will be holding

two drop partys from here on out.

For a Double Drop Party!

Join us on.

12pm EST and 7pm EST


I just want to take this moment to say thanks so much to our wonderful community.

Without you Flux would be nothing. You're Amazing Guys <3