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New Year Update

By Yuki a
Emergenscene @ FluxCraft
- Posted Jan 3, 18

Its a New Year, and that also means Fluxcraft is one year old! In our time as a server we have seen

10,000 unique players. That is honestly so amazing! This month we bring some new rewards

and the return of an old favorite.


Dragon Days

The first week of January is Dragon Days! Every hour a new Ender Dragon will spawn with a special name and they will continue to drop their

coveted Elytras along with a new special surprise!

Remember to watch the skies!

Dragon Days will end on Jan 10th

Build Comp Winners

1st - MegaJoy

2nd - XxMissGueraxX

3rd - Munchies

4th - SUMxY

5th - Oran__

Fluxcraft Birthday Sale

All items in our store are 20% off! Each Donation will reward you with 3 keys per Donation! And when buying any set

of keys you will get TWICE the amount! There is also a Limited time Giant Disguise that will only be available during sales.

New Rewards

3 New Death Effects

Baby Ghast Pet

Mini Trip Pet (One Month Only)

Mini Pengu Pet (One Month Only)

Mini Demi Pet (One Month Only)

Bloop Trails

MobspellAmbient Particles (Can use Rainbow Data)

Vex Disguise

Horse Disguise Pack (Colors and Armor)

New Game Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Wolf Spawn Egg

Parkour - Unbreakable Shears

It's been one heck of a year. Thanks so much for everyone's hard work and deidcation Fluxcraft

would never be the same without our wonderful community.


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