March Update

Emergenscene a posted Mar 9, 18

March is here as is time for another monthly update.

This months update will be focused on rewards and balance changes in Mansion Mayhem.

Disguise Sale!!

For the next two weeks all Disguises in our

Donation store will be 50% off!

Ending March 23rd.

Mansion Mayhem Balance Changes

Metalic Shard - no longer does damage in MM

Damage - player damage reduced game wide (We Want you to Co-op)

Thunder - each time thunder roars a random player gets nausea

New Starting Area - To many deaths when players first joined due to game loading

Evokers Removed in favor of new reward format, The Boss now awards 1 totem, and unlocking

the secret room awards 2 more totems.

Boss Room now set behind riddle requirements. (Seek the flame)

Banquet Hall will now spawn 7 vex with each ghast it spawns.

New Rewards

Mini Espa Pet (One Month Only)

Mini JP Pet (One Month Only)

Mini Pseudo Pet (One Month Only)

Penguin Pet

Knowledge Trails

Sparkle Trails

Magma Cube Disguise Pack (Normal & Giant)

New Game Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Pig Egg

Parkour - Golden Axe

It's been a busy month for me, I'd like to apologize for the late update this month.

I hope you all enjoy the new additions and changes!