Fluxcraft 1.12 Update

Emergenscene a posted Jun 9, 17


After much work by our team and contributes its finally here!
The World of Color!

While this is not a traditional monthly update we have added some new things and things to come.

New Donor Rank

We have added a new donor rank, GODLIKE. This rank comes with some really unique perks that I think you all will enjoy. Be sure to check out the details in our Donor Shop! <3

New Donor Perk

Donors will now have the ability to connect to the server even when its full!


You will now be able to earn FluxKeys via Voting and Donating. The new FluxCrates located at spawn have our entire lineup of rewards from the past and present. Each month like many other games we will be adding cool new rewards to these crates.

Keys will be made available on the server shop in the next few days.

New Voting Plugin

You will also notice a change in our voting plugin! No worries all of our player data has been converted over to our new plugin thanks to one of our great community members. All votes are carried over to the new plugin. and you will notice when using /vote now we have a pretty GUI.

There will be some spam on each players first vote as the plugin assigns milestones on its side.. Beyond that this change is seamless

Temporary Removal of Shop Warps

With the new shop world around the corner and our old warp plugin being out of date were going to put our prime focus on finishing the new shop world as of this update shop warps are currently gone and will return with the new shop world.

I hope you understand as we want to get you the new shops as soon as possible so we need to put our prime focus where it counts!