July Update

Emergenscene a posted Jul 1, 17

It's time for the July update. Bringing you our next monthly update. This month we have added

new rewards and made some changes to reward chances, We will also be releasing the much

anticipated new shop world.

New Rewards

5 New Death Effects

Mini Herobrine

Beach Ball Pet

Nyan Trails

Parrot Disguise

New Maze Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Parrot Egg

Normal Maze - Mom's Scythe

Rarity Changes

Disguises have had their rarity reduced, They we're not dropping as often as intended with the new plugin. We hope you see more disguises in your voting adventures.


The new shop world will be estimating a release of 7pm EST July 1st. Once the world is released you will be able to claim new plots and transfer your items.

With the return of the new shop world shop warps will also be live again, You will be able to enjoy your new shops with warps included.

I hope you all enjoy the month to come. <3

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