August Update

Emergenscene a posted Aug 1, 17

Halu to the Churren!

August is here and its time for some fun stuff! Bringing you our next monthly update. This month we have added

new rewards to the Fluxcrate and Mazes, Along with bringing back the Dragon Days Event once again!

Dragon Days

The first week of August is Dragon Days! Every hour a new Ender Dragon will spawn with a special name and they will continue to drop their coveted Elytras along with a new special surprise!
Remember to watch the skies!

New Rewards

5 New Death Effects

Blueberry Minipet

Super Lucky Block Minipet

Magic 8 Ball Minipet

Shine Trails

Donkey Disguise

New Maze Prizes

Hardcore Maze - Squid Egg

Normal Maze - The Flint of Eternity

Once again I'd like to also thank every community memeber for the role they play in our community, Fluxcraft wouldn't feel like home if it wasn't for all of you. The community has shown us Fluxcraft is more than just a server, Its a Family!

I hope you all enjoy the month to come. <3

Emergenscene a Try now sorry, I just added ViaVersion to the server so players with 1.12.1 can connect until the paper update comes out...
pherosD Help! Minecraft says I cant join cuz I'm at 1.12.1 :(((